If you have questions about Reiki, make direct contact with a Reiki Master or Reiki Master Teacher – see Teachers.

If you have questions about The Reiki Network or wants to contact us for other reasons, make direct contact with one of the members of the committee.

The Reiki Networks committee

A committee consisting of seven members elected every second year at our general gathering administers The Reiki Network. The majority of the members, especially the president and vice-president, should be Reiki Master Teachers. The Committee appoints a cashier and an editor.

General contact:

Questions can be made to the secretary of The Reiki Network. If the secretary can’t give the answer, the inquiry will be forwarded to another committee member.

Minna Heinonen

Minna Heinonen Secretary

02270 Espoo

+35 840-7528838

Ruth-Karina Kjølner

Ruth-Karina Kjølner President

Ringshaugun 146
3150 Tolvsrød

+47 97 76 45 17

Berit Susrud

Berit Susrud Vice President

Th. Heftyes gate 37
0264 Oslo

+47 90 59 78 13

Bjørg Dowerdock

Bjørg Dowerdock Member of the committee

2040 Kløfta

+47 92423509

Maud Silverbåge Henrikson

Maud Silverbåge Henrikson Member of the committee

Björholmsvägen 104
471 91 Klövedal

+46 70 4310585