The Reiki Network

The Reiki NetworkTM is an international professional association comprising of independent Reiki Masters following a professional educational standard in Mikao Usui‘s tradition.

The Reiki Network (TRN) was founded in 1996 and is counting 54 members teaching in 16 countries. The main goal of the organization is to secure the highest possible quality in the educational standard on all levels of Reiki, from Reiki 1 to a graduated Reiki Master Teacher.

The Reiki Network Masters

Professional education in all Reiki seminars

All the Reiki Masters in the organization has the same thorough and professional education securing all students the same curriculum. This makes it safe to recommend friends and family a Reiki seminar with any member/instructor in The Reiki Network. All Reiki Masters develops their own personal teaching style customized to different cultures and attitudes amongst the students. The content is the same with all the instructors in The Reiki Network. You know what you get.

Repeating Reiki

Some participants wants to, after a while of practicing Reiki, to come back and repeat parts of the curriculum or content of a Reiki seminar. Or they want to meet other participants, exchange experiences and get new inspiration. The Reiki Network has a genius offer for repetitions. Former participants can, for or a symbolic amount of money, repeat a seminar with their instructor or some other instructor in The Reiki Network. This is a very useful and good offer that a lot of students has benefited greatly from. If you have participated in a Reiki 2 seminar you also have the opportunity to repeat a Reiki 1 seminar.

It is not necessary to repeat Reiki, but everyone that wants this has the opportunity.

It is also valuable for participants that there are former students, also called hospitants, in the seminars. It is exciting to hear about different experiences in using Reiki. This makes an inspiring environment and a special atmosphere in the seminar.

International profile and perspectives

Reiki is global and one of the fastest growing alternative methods for a better health. You find Reiki all over the world. Both in the east and west.

Several of the members/instructors in The Reiki Network come from different countries and teach in several languages. The organization encourages and is continually developing the international aspect. Because of this both the internal and external communication translated to several languages. Additionally there is regional branches, witch lay the foundation for close cooperation between members in the same language area or region.

The Reiki Networks ethical rules and statutes

Here you can freely download, in PDF, The Reiki Network: